Opening and reception :
On reservation in advance

From 1 to 24 people



between12:30 et 13:00
between12:30 et 13:00

For the weekend of the sale of wines of The Hospices, November 19-20th, we shall open for 4 services on 2 days, from Saturday for lunch to Sunday for dinner. Under conditions that the schedules of arrival are respected.

From 10 to 24 people you can also reserve on

Tuesday and Friday

(according with the farm work)

lunch or dîner
coming between12:30 et 13:00
or between 19:30 et 20:00

50€/person without drinks.
(from the 1st of september 2015)
Only one menu.
We breed poultry but also porks and lambs.

Guest house : just one room!
On reservation,
Guest "dîner": only if farm work allows it.